About Us

The Empire State Water Well Drillers' was founded in 1941. It is committed to taking a leadership role in protecting our natural resources through the promotion of the ground water industry. We strive to support a spirit of cooperation and communication within the industry and between consumers and regulatory agencies.

We are comprised of 4 categories of members all of which are dues paying.

Our contractors / pump installers, our suppliers / manufacturers and our engineers and hydrologists all pay any annual membership fee of $125.00.

We also have associate members who pay $25.00 per year. These members are the employees of our full dues paying member. The associate members are entitled to the same benefits as their employers; however, they are not entitled to any vote.

We currently have 197 contractor / pump installers, 56 supplier / manufacturers and 80 associate members.

The ESWWDA supports the public education efforts of the American Ground Water Trust, The National Ground Water Association, the Water Systems Council and the Water Quality Association.